IT Service Technician (On- Call)

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA, United States
Date Posted: 11-02-2018
A. Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
B. Internet Protocol (IP) Camera Services
C. Standardized Query Language (SQL) Programming and Database Management Services
D. Information Technology Professional Services
These services are typically unplanned or considered emergency work which may requires specialized equipment. 

Individual shall furnish all tools, equipment, apparatus, labor, services and materials to perform on-call information technology services, in requested locations, for the items listed below:

A. CMMS SERVICES -   Individual shall be knowledgeable of the principles of computerized maintenance management systems and posess the skillset required to install, implement, create reports from, and troubleshoot MaintStar and Maintenance Connection software.  Individual may also be required to integrate other databases with the CMMS database.
1.  Installation of software updates.
2.  Copying, pre-installing data and reinstalling into new data structures.
3.  Extracting or importing of data from other databases into MaintStar software using SQL, T-SQL and/or SQL Agent tools.
4.  Investigating anomalous records. Automating data import(s) from ArcGIS into MaintStar.
5.  Writing reports using the MaintStar reporting interface in conjunction with SQL statements to meet internal needs and external government reporting requirements.
6.  Automating reporting processes and creating email alerts using SQL Agent tools.
7.  Maintaining and updating future VMWare vSphere virtual CMMS servers.

IP CAMERA SERVICES – Individual shall have knowledge and expertise of security camera systems and recording software.  Additionally,  may be required to install, implement, and troubleshoot Axis IP & megapixel IP cameras.
1.  Troubleshooting, repairing, and restoring connection(s) on-site.
2.  Correcting software and server hardware issues related to cameras and the one Network Attached Storage, which may have  connection or communication issues that require an on-site visit(s) to repair.
3.  Providing   routine   maintenance   of   exterior   camera   sites, wireless transmission equipment, wiring, and conduits.

SQL PROGRAMMING AND DATABASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES – Individual shall have knowledge and expertise of SQL database design and programming.
1.  Creation  and  management  of  SQL  databases  residing  in  Microsoft  SQL Server and/or other SQL database programs.
2.  Working with various SQL databases, extracting or importing data using SQL, T-SQL and/or SQL Agent tools.
3.  Investigation of anomalous records.
4.  Writing and automating reports using SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Agent tools.
5.  Performing internal needs-assessments and creating ad Hoc SQL databases

1. Information Technology Engineering Services – Individual shall be required to be knowledgeable in the principles of IT Architecture, including the design and implementation of various computer systems.

a.  Creating a systems-specification according to the needs of a given project.
b.  Design and architect local and wide-area network solutions based on specific project requirements and end-user needs.
b.  Developing  an  integration  strategy  for  the  specialized  software applications. A few applications that may require interconnectivity include; MaintStar, FASTER, GIS, iWater, and Sunguard NaviLine.
2. Networking, Security and Virtualization – Individual shall have knowledge  and  expertise  of  the  principles  of  computer  networking, security, server virtualization and imaging.

a.  Installing,  configuring,  and  network  real  and  virtual  servers  with appropriate security measures, settings and applications.
b.  Maintaining and configuring various networking devices, as well as manage communication systems, such as Enterasys switches.
c.  Implementing and maintaining appropriate network security standards, and configure appropriate hardware, for example FortiGate firewall appliances.
d.  Performing the migration of physical systems to virtual environments, as well as maintain and upgrade the VMWare environments and their virtual machines, including their associated software and hardware components. Shall have a strong understanding of VMWare vSphere virtualization environments.

4.  Desktop Support / Mobile Support- Individual shall have knowledge and  expertise  of  desktop  operating  systems,  settings  and  common desktop software programs. Shall be required to set up workstations and mobile devices.
a.  Installing and updating Windows operating systems.
b.  Installing and updating the Microsoft Office suite.
c.  Installing and updating other desktop software programs.
d.  Configuring desktop networking, wireless and cellular services.
e.  Troubleshooting desktop software and networking issues.
f.   Providing  remote  support  for  various  operating  systems  including; Microsoft operating systems, Linux distributions, Android operating systems, and iOS.

3.    Backup and Archival Services
a. Performing real-time backups of operating systems and completing virtual machines, and archive them for the purpose of restoring individual files, databases, operating systems, and virtual machines.
b.  Documenting   and   testing   backup   procedures   for   both   physical hardware and virtual machines.
c.  Defining processes and deploying tools to automate those processes, for operational recovery of data day-to-day.
d.  Developing an archive process, based on long-term storage needs.
e.  Designing and implementing disaster-recovery solutions, which include a business continuity component in the event of a systems failure.

All work shall be performed between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. No night, weekend, or holiday work shall be permitted unless authorized.
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